Welcome to Aquawolf Swim Club. We take pride in offering you swimming lessons in Cape Town - Goodwood

Our swim school teach water safety, learn to swim, stroke correction and competitive swimming for children and adults

Aquawolf swim club is thankful for the opportunity to now also teach swimming lessons in Cape Town in a brilliant Olympic size 50m outdoor pool in Goodwood.

Our dream..Every child, ideally commencing at a young age
and regardless of ability and background, should
have access to training in water safety. It is Aquawolf’s mission to get involved with the local community now that we have the chance to teach swimming lessons in Goodwood Cape Town.


Aquawolf swim club now also at Goodwood municipal pool.

Goodwood swimming pool is situated on the corner of Milton Rd &, Riebeek St, Richmond Estate, Cape Town. 


Learn to swim classes

If children cannot swim, they are missing out as it’s nearly impossible to go through life with all the enjoyable water activities all around us. There are endless benefits that come with knowing how to swim. Water activities will be part of their lives if they have learned to swim and have fun in the water as children. Your child should begin learning to swim at the earliest age possible. Swimming is the best low impact, high resistance, full-body exercise a child can do.

Aquawolf swim club has a trusted 6 stage program to ensure our children progress to become safe and strong swimmers. One on one classes and small groups to ensure attention to detail. Progression is key in becoming better swimmers and strong charactered individuals.



Competitive swimming in Cape Town.

Being competitive swimmers teaches our children so many life lessons on a daily basis. They learn time management, perseverance, discipline, goal setting, plus develop character and grit. 

At what age should your child start competitive swimming?

Every child is different but a reasonably good time for a swimmer to start competitive swimming is between the ages of 8 and 12. Although, some Aquawolf children participated from age 6!!

Swimmers need to be able to comfortably swim at least 50 metres of all 4 strokes and have a basic understanding of correct technique. READ MORE

What is the best age to start swimming lessons for children?


Age will play a critical role in the child’s progress. Depending on their gross & fine motor skill development, any sports skill could be limited especially the skills needed for the motions of swimming strokes.

As children get older their motor skills improve. READ MORE

Why is swimming lessons important? It's an essential life-saving skill.

The most important reason is that swimming is the only sport which can save your child’s life. Swimming also provides loads of mental and physical benefits.

Being a swimmer opens up a whole host of fun things to do. READ MORE

Here are 7 Reasons why your child should learn to swim

Children can get a head start in life by starting swimming lessons from a young age.

As well as achieving physical milestones faster, children also scored significantly better in visual-motor skills such as cutting paper, colouring-in and drawing lines and shapes…READ MORE

Looking for swimming lessons in Cape Town? What can Aquawolf Swim Club offer you that other's can't?


Contact us today for a free trial lesson – Cell: 084-884-9781 – WhatsApp: 076-275-1878 – Email: pat@aquawolf.co.za

Our family-owned swim school are not motivated by money. We are driven by passion. As a provider of early childhood and educational services, we as the owners and coaches of Aquawolf swim school with a tradition of pride will strive to meet your family’s needs.

We will assist your child in developing their feelings of capability by giving them opportunities to accomplish specific skills. Children need to trust their own capabilities. Swimming, in particular, provides that bonus of learning to be in control of an environment which can potentially be unsafe. Once accomplished, it will make them feel as though they can achieve anything!

Each little swimmer must master specific skills before progressing on to the next level, regardless of the child’s age. Your child’s progress is vital to our coaches. Nothing satisfies us more to see these wonderful athletes develop into strong charactered individuals.

Learning all the technical skills and progressing towards their goals, will get them well deserved praise. Praise also boosts confidence. Working hard at something they enjoy will build their self-esteem, and they will feel capable and accepted for who they are.