Swimming lessons for adults in Cape Town

Swimming lessons for adults in Cape Town

Swimming is not only an essential life-saving skill. The benefits are endless. 7 Reasons how swimming lessons for adults in Cape Town will change your life.

The Western Cape Province has the longest coastline, over 1 000 km. We are surrounded by water in Cape Town. But sadly, over 60% of adults can’t swim or has weak swimming abilities. With all the fun filled water-based activities available, you will miss out big time if you can’t swim or have weak swimming abilities.

How long does it take for adults to learn swimming?

It depends on various factors. If you have a fear of water, it may take longer. But with motivation and determination, anything is possible. I would say (after consulting with swim coaches) that somewhere between 10 and 20 hours with a good swim instructor will be the minimum to the average amount of time needed for an adult to pick up basic swimming skills and being able swimming laps.  Attitude, consistency, practice and trusting your coach, are key in making progress.

Here are 7 reasons how swimming lessons will benefit you.

1. It’s an essential life-saving skill. Being able to swim could save your life and someone else’s. Everyone should learn how to swim. It’s never too late to learn how to swim.

If you never had the opportunity as a child, you can start at any time with learn to swim lessons as an adult. Once you have mastered the basic skills of swimming, the benefits are endless. 

Swimming lessons for adults in Cape Town

2. To accomplish builds self-esteem that promotes personal fulfilment to feel good about ourselves. Stepping out of your comfort zone will see you achieve things that you couldn’t imagine possible.

Being comfortable and being able to move with ease in a foreign element such as water requires real skill.

It will teach you to rely on your own strength and ability. Taking action, is the key to developing selfconfidence. Don’t delay, start swimming lessons today. 



3. It’s a low impact sport.  No matter how young or old you are, weight or condition, swimming is one of the best low-impact exercises. Swimming is a good all-round exercise as it keeps your heart rate up but has very little impact stress on your body.

It builds endurance, muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness and helps maintain a healthy weight, healthy heart and lungs. It helps muscle tonus and builds strength and provides an all-over body workout, as just about all of your muscles are used during swimming.


4. Swimming burns CALORIES. Running, cycling and swimming are the three most popular choices of cardiovascular exercise. The downside with running is its high rate of injury. Cycling can be very expensive and the high risk of injury by taking a tumble.

An average person burns approximately 400 calories an hour while swimming at a low or moderate pace. And as mentioned in section 3, it is a low impact sport with endless health benefits.


5. Swimming is beneficial for the mind. There is something mentally therapeutic being near water. Be at the beach, a lake, river or pool. Swimming is a fun and effective way to relieve stress.

Studies show that being immersed in water boosts the blood flow to the brain. Swimming helps in lowering the degree of depression and anxiety and will improve sleep patterns. Swimming releases endorphins, the natural ‘happy’ hormones that lead us to experience a greater sense of happiness.

6. Swimming could lengthen your life.  “While all exercise can produce greater health and longevity, studies point to swimming as one of the best choices for doing so.

Researchers at the University of South Carolina looked at 40,547 men, aged 20 to 90, for over 32 years. The results showed that those who swam had a 50 percent lower “death rate” than runners, walkers, or men who didn’t exercise”. Read more


7. It will teach you to practice what you preach. We as parents acknowledged the importance of water safety and learning to swim lessons for our children which is fantastic. but what about us as parents? Only about 40% of all adults in Cape Town can perform basic water competency skills necessary for survival in the water.

Having a parent or guardian who can get in the water with your children and be able to safely and confidently monitor their kids swimming with all the great water-based fun facilities in Cape Town, will be a huge benefit to your family and friends. 


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