AquaWolf Squads

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At AquaWolf we strive to reveal a healthy character for children through swimming. They will learn and experience that a disciplined mind leads to happiness. Through swimming every child will learn that they are capable of so much more than they can ever imagine. They will learn to work hard but also have fun. They will practice to trust their hearts and minds and will learn to have control over their lives.


Young Wolves:

Promoted from our AquaPups and able to swim all 4 strokes. Here our swimmers develop stroke techniques and also start working on endurance. Ultra-Short Race-Pace techniques are also introduced and these swimmers are able to register with Cape Town Metro Aquatics and start to participate in Junior League galas. Sessions are 45 min.

Junior Wolves:

Promoted from Young Wolves. Stroke development and techniques gets more and more attention and they get introduced to understand Ultra-Short Race-Pace techniques. At this level they also aim to start qualifying for Senior League times at galas. Sessions are 60 min.

Senior Wolves:

Promoted from Junior Wolves once they have qualified with Senior League times. Attention to detail to prepare these swimmers to qualify for Level 2 times in all strokes. More intense training but still a lot of fun. Sessions are 75 min.

Extreme Wolves:

Swimmers are being prepared to participate in WC Championships and striving for Level 3 and National qualifying times. Intense training and still fun. Training sessions are 90 min.