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Safe Return to swimming for Aquawolf Swim Club

Follow safe protocol for a safe return to swimming

We are happy to announce that we can finally re-open swim schools in Planet Fitness. With the move to Level 1 of Covid-19 protocols, we are finally in a position to re-open swim schools in our clubs. For safe return to swimming and under the new regulations we are allowed to increase the number on occupants to 50% of club capacity up to 250 people at a given time.


Swimming will start on Thursday 1 October. But it comes with some strict rules and regulations as stipulated below. 

  • All swimmers and coaches must be registered with SSA
  • All swimmers and guardians / parents have to have a tag to enter the club (Planet Fitness)
  • No under 14’s will be allowed during the peak times of 14h30 – 18h30
  • Under 14’s will only be able to train between 13h00 – 14h30 or 18h30 to 20h00 Monday to Fridays and from 10h00 to 12h00 on Saturdays. 
  • Additional Covid 19 rules for the pool area:
    • 2 swimmers / kids per lane
    • Use of own equipment / no sharing of equipment
    • No touch / assisted training allowed
    • Social distancing to be adhered to in and outside of the pool at all times.
    • Please arrive in your training costume, with clothes over it, as change rooms will be off limits to our swimmers.
    • Everybody will pass through the sanitising station.
    • Temperature will be taken and recorded by a designated health and safety officer/s, 37.5˚C or above will not be allowed into the gym and pool area.   

Below please find Standard Operating Procedures document for your convenience. Please read and become familiar with current protocol. It’s for the safety of our swimmers and coaching staff.

When swimmers attend practice for the first time, they will have to bring with them a completed Screening Questionnaire attached below. Please hand to coach on duty.

It will be absolutely great to be back in the pool, but it will require a UNITED effort

On Tuesday, 17 March 2020, was the last Aquawolf swim practice. Thursday 1 October 2020 it will be exactly 197 days!! 

Due to limitations (as mentioned above) we will have to work together. Some schools are still only offering restricted days of teaching and are not offering any extramural activity activities. Most parents are still working from home or flexi-time.


To make a success of the initial entering to swimming training after 6 months will require an united team effort

Aquawolf has the pool daily from 13h00 until 20h00 from Monday to Friday and from 07h00 – 12h00 on Saturdays. With only 14 and up allowed to swim during peak hours, we will have to plan carefully to accommodate the under 14’s as well. 

Only 6 children are currently allowed per session. Once I have feedback from the email that was send earlier today, we will be able to book slots. Parents are requested to book in advance on a weekly basis and then commit to the booking. 

This can only be a success if we diligently work together. There is just about no other sport (extramural activities) offered by schools at this stage. So dear parents, we have great kids!! For their wellbeing….LET THEM SWIM

Swimming makes you happy! It’s proven that swimming exercise releases endorphins, which improve your overall mood and happiness. 

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