It's all about the child...not about us.

One of the main reasons children drop out of sport all over the world is that far too many coaches, officials and other administrators of sport don’t understand the primary core principle of the sports’ experience….it’s all about the child...It’s all about THEIR dreams. Aquawolf is trying to make a difference.

The priority of sport – and that means the priority for everyone in sport – regardless of what your role is – is to create enjoyable, rewarding, meaningful experiences for kids and their families. READ MORE


As parents, our ‘TIME’ is the single most important gift to give our children! Spending quality time with our children every day is of utmost importance. Another great gift for your child is to take TIME and allow them to learn to swim. Swimming is the only sport that can save your child’s life or teach them how to save someone else’s.

Show your child that they can make and achieve small goals to reach a big accomplishment. Let them start with swimming lessons this newfound confidence will help them cope with a larger world. 

Our far

23% of all the gold medals won by South Africa at the Olympics games, is won by swimmers. However, in Cape Town, the wonderful sport of swimming is totally dependant on facilities offered by schools and private enterprises like Planet Fitness. During the terrible drought in August 2017, the previous owner of Aquawolf decided to put the club up for sale.

No one was prepared to buy it because of the drought and the threat of the facility closing down the pool. Our son Matthew was swimming in the yellow squad in the club at that stage. His passion for swimming together with about 20 competitive and 30+ learn to swim students made the difference and the rest is history. We were NOT going to let go of this pool!!

Aquawolf Swim Club was started in August 2013. Karin & Pat took over the club in September 2017. Soon after, we experienced one of the worst droughts in the Western Cape. To keep the club going, we had to monthly pump 25000 litres of water into our pool for almost 6 months.

It was trying times for such a small club to stay afloat. Then load-shedding started in 2019. Pumps packing up and a very green pool…then covid-19 hit us.

We were forced to temporarily close on 17 March 2020. Thankfully we re-opened on 1 October 2020 and although we have lost many young learn to swim students, the club is once again up and running. 

We are driven by passion, passion creates energy and nothing stops energy.

October 2017 - start of the journey
Pumping water early 2018
Loadshedding 2019
Covid-19 in 2020 - No swimming, just dryland exercise

Our mission

At Aquawolf swim club we strive to coach the ‘WHOLE’ child.

“Mastering any skill builds confidence. As parent’s, it’s our job to encourage and support our children as they tackle difficult tasks. Swimming lessons provide the added bonus of being in control of an environment which can potentially be unsafe. Once grasped, this makes every child feel as though they can achieve anything”

Our dream..Every child, ideally commencing at a young age
and regardless of ability and background, should
have access to training in water safety. 

Every child is UNIQUE!

At Aquawolf & Aquapups we strive to reveal a healthy character for children through swimming.

If children cannot swim, they are missing out as it’s nearly impossible to go through life with all the enjoyable water activities all around us. There are endless benefits that come with knowing how to swim. Water activities will be part of their lives if they have learned to swim and have fun in the water as children. Your child should begin learning to swim at the earliest age possible.

“I firmly believe that the sport of swimming gives young people so much more on top of their academic qualifications and athletic prowess. In my business career, I have also both worked with, and recruited, a number of people with strong sporting backgrounds, and would argue that the swimmers come out on top!” Nick Holmes

Are swim schools motivated by money or driven by passion?

“I didn’t get into teaching and coaching for the number of wins or the money. It was a passion for trying to help young people”. That’s the motivation all coaches should have, no matter where they are in their careers – Bo Ryan


Learn to swim is 1 of the greatest gifts for your child and a skill for life.

Mastering any skill, builds confidence. As parent’s, it’s our job to encourage and support our children as they tackle difficult tasks.  Once grasped, this makes every child feel as though they can achieve anything…a confidence booster!


How do I prepare my child for an uncertain future? Which skills are needed?

Too often parents take the wrong approach in driving their children’s success pushing unreasonable expectations onto them and causing unnecessary pressure and stress by over-managing their lives. In a time of uncertainty and rapid change…..


ADDRESS: Plattekloof Park, Bloulelie Cres, Plattekloof 3, Cape Town, 7500

Monday 13:00 - 19:30
Tuesday 17:00 - 19:30
Wednesday 13:00 - 19:30
Thursday 17:00 - 19:30
Friday 13:00 - 19:00
Saturday 09:00 - 12:00
Sunday Closed