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Are you interested in learning more about the Aquawolf swim club? We want you to put your trust in us to look after your child and help him or her develop socially, emotionally, and intellectually while having fun. With so many options, what should people look for in a good swim school. We are always available to answer any swimming-related questions.



What can Aquawolf Swim Club offer you that other's can't?

No other activity in life provides children with as many opportunities to develop positive character traits and absorb as many quality values as sports. Every parent wants the best for their children and so do we! It’s all about the child…It’s all about growth. It’s all about THEIR dreams. Aquawolf is trying to make a difference. Ask us anything. We will go out of our way to answer your questions.

When it comes to core values, there’s no “one size fits all” approach. Everyone is different. How we connect children to sports and fitness is of utmost importance. Ask any child between the age of 5 – 11 about their perception of playing sport and the overwhelming response will be; “it’s fun, it’s great spending time with my friends and it’s good for me”.

Develop children as people primarily, not only as athletes. Focus on teaching the love of the sport first instead of learning the sport. Not all children will become elite athletes, but all of them have the potential to become healthy active adults. Steer away from the one-size-fits-all. Be inclusive and cater to all levels of abilities.

Respect the effort, focus, and courage it takes for a child to play sports. Give them the respect they have earned simply for being present in the moment.

We aim to apply a whole-child approach to coaching, which includes not just teaching swimming techniques but also coaching approaches that support and nurture all aspects of a child’s growth and learning, including social-emotional and cognitive skills.

There are no shortcuts in learning to swim. We focus on swim level progression that is age and developmentally appropriate. The basics of swimming are divided into a series of progressions. Each swimmer must master specific skills before progressing to the next level, regardless of the child’s age. Our swimming programs focuses on developing complete swimmers who can swim with grace, poise, and technique – even if it takes time.

We're excited to have implemented everything that has been scientifically shown to aid in the learning of children. Swimming can help you improve your cognitive (brain) performance. Bilateral cross-patterning motions, in which both sides of the body are used to act, aid in the development of your child's brain. Swimming engages both hemispheres of the brain as well as all four lobes at the same time.

When swimming, your child moves their arms while kicking their legs. Doing these actions in water means their brain is registering the tactile sensation of water plus its resistance.

Fees depend on whether your child has 1 or 2 lessons per week. Lessons start from as little as R390.00 per month. We also give a discount for families that enrol 2 or more swimmers. Please, find our fee structure by following this link; Read more

As a provider of early childhood and educational services, we as the owners and coaches of Aquawolf swim club has a tradition of pride and strive to meet your family’s needs. We are not motivated by money. We are driven by passion.

For most people, monthly payments are best since they are easier to factor into your budget. We do not charge per term. All payments can be paid monthly on or before the 28th of every month. If you join us in the middle of the month, a pro-rata fee will be charged.

Aquawolf sends out an invoice on or before the 24th of each calendar month. We respectfully request that payments be made via EFT on or before the 29th of the month, referencing your child's name and surname. Your payment holds your spot at Aquawolf Swim Club and assures that your child will be able to participate.

There is usually a waiting list of families interested in taking your place. This advance notice provides us with the time we need to make necessary schedule adjustments.

Complete the contact form available on our website or contact us direct. We are always available to answer any questions regarding swimming. We will gladly assist and pass on all the necessary information you need.
Aquawolf swim club offers a free trial swimming lesson that allows both parent and child to experience our facility firsthand. Learning to swim can be very challenging for children and it is of utmost importance that both parent and child find the perfect atmosphere. Once you are satisfied and happy, you can consider joining us.

Girls – fitted full piece swimsuit (not a sun-suit or bikini) – Boys – fitted briefs, trunk or jammer (not a boardshorts or sun-suit)

A swim cap and goggles are required when they commence swimming. As they progress they will need flippers and a kickboard. These items are available from Aquawolf at an affordable price as we buy direct from a wholesaler.

Quality, not quantity. Your child shouldn’t have to compete for space, even during the busiest classes. A swimmer needs space to learn strokes effectively. We are the only swim school in the area where learn to swim lessons are offered in a 25m heated pool. Once swimmers are able to join a group, we apply the maximum 3:1 swimmer-to-teacher ratio.

Our brilliant facility is a safe environment that will enhance learning, fun and safety for every child and parent who joins the Aquawolf family. All our coaches are Swim South Africa accredited. They all have up to date CPR accreditation. Being in a world class facility, our health and safety protocol is about promoting positive wellbeing, in terms of your comfort, happiness and contentment.

Aquawolf swim club embraces the guidelines and hygiene policies of the World Health Organisation (WHO), the South African National Department of Health (NDoH), and the National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD). On entry at our facility, there are sanitizing stations, temperature readings and our facility is deep cleaned daily.

One of the benefits of swimming at Planet Fitness is that we have an excellent facility. Water is tested daily and our facility offers spacious rest rooms. There is ample parking available, free wi-fi and a coffee shop.  We are the only swim club in the area where children are taught a skill for life in a 25m pool. Our Swim South Africa accredited coaches teach learning how to swim, stroke correction and water safety, and when all 4 strokes are mastered, swimmers can move over to the club for competitive swimming as a sport and can compete in Western Cape aquatic galas - all under one roof!!!

Yes. At least one parent must be a member of Planet Fitness to allow up to 3 children to join our swim school. There are various joining plans/packages starting from as little as R199.00 per month. Each child will require a gym tag (cost R125 once off) to have access. 

Not a problem. Simply send us an email 30 days before your last lesson.

Yes, make-up lessons are permitted. This only applies if there are any unforeseen circumstances on our end. We can schedule a make-up lesson at a time that’s convenient for you. Lessons missed or cancelled by the client, regardless of the reason, will be forfeited. We will, of course, consider compassionate reasons in some cases.

We believe that swim lessons should be offered year-round because it helps our students maintain and improve their swimming skills and knowledge of water safety. Once a child begins the process of learning to swim, consistency is key. It’s important to have realistic expectations and grant children enough time in the water to practice skills and have fun.

We aim to schedule 43 weeks of coaching per year. We are only closed on public holidays, sometimes during school holidays, and for a brief period during the summer holidays in December. Because Aquawolf swim club operates year-round rather than seasonally, your lessons will continue until you withdraw from our school. We enjoy watching children progress through our levels and advance into competitive swimming as a sport.

Aquawolf cannot operate on the current school terms due to Covid-19 schedules that change all the time. We have structured our own terms for 2021. We will do our best to fit in 11 weeks per term except for term 4 when there will be 10 weeks. We will however have swimming clinics during school holidays to keep our children occupied. Aquawolf is closed on public holidays.

Simply contact us, and we will gladly adjust your lesson schedule if possible. You can also contact us as frequently as you like to see if more convenient lesson times are available.

We offer a free trial lesson to make sure that both parent and child feel comfortable with the total atmosphere at our facility.

Once assessed, the coach will advise whether the your child must have one on one lessons which are 15 to 20 min, or if the child is ready to be placed in a group activity which is 30 min.

Progression is key and you can be assured of the best attention to detail for your child. Swimming lessons are offered once or twice a week.

Experts are divided on the best age. The answer depends on your definition of swimming lessons, your child's age and natural ability. READ MORE

Providing opportunities for each individual to reach their full potential.

Helping them to achieve their peak swimming performance to experience a sense of mastery over the most powerful element on earth…WATER

ADDRESS: Plattekloof Park, 35 Bloulelie Cres, Plattekloof 3, Cape Town, 7500