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Inspiration | What is a Champion?

What is a Champion? We are famous in the world of swimming for tossing around Champion like it is some badge of honour for the most elite for those who can compete at the highest levels and win. We honour them with trophies, medals and shiny ribbons. And truly from the moment they first start racing, our…
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Be the mentally toughest swimmer in the pool

Mental Toughness by Olivier Poirier-Leroy (Titled: TALENT IS OVERRATED: 7 HABITS OF ELITE-LEVEL SWIMMERS) If you look across the wide expanse of the world wide web there’s no shortage of ways to become a faster swimmer. There are different types of technique. There are an endless number of swim practices to try. And of course, there are…
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Inspiration | 4 Myths About Swimming

4 Myths About Swimming   By Natalia Kaczor, Swimming World College Intern.   “What sport do you play?” “I swim.” “Oh that’s fun; I swim in my pool all the time!” We have all been in a similar situation before. The frustration that builds up when hearing this is evident on our faces. Should we…
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5 Tips. How to motivate your swimmer

5 Tips. How to motivate your swimmer Courtesy of Elizabeth Wickham I was asked recently by a new swim parent on how to motivate your swimmer. The short answer is that you cannot motivate your child. Motivation comes from within. What we CAN do for our swimmers is encourage them. Try to inspire them. Hope that they love…
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