What does our parents say - Here are some testimonials.

At Aquawolf swim club, the swimmers come first. Offering swimming lessons to kids & adults can be very challenging. That is why we invite parents to share their honest opinions, positive or negative with us. We strive to improve all the time for the sake of our beloved children. Please let us know how you feel.

Clayton Hendricks

Finding a swimming club for our kids was not an easy task. We were looking for the following attributes:

1. Welcoming

2. Enjoyment
3. A place where our kids would not just be a number 
4. Individual attention 
5. Professional coaching 
6. Interaction with kids 
7. Attention to detail
8. Guidance
9. Support
10. A sense of camaraderie 
  • We found this at Aquawolf. 
Aletia Thomas

Owner Patrick has built and maintains a tier-one facility. He has engineered an excellent swimmer development program and a highly successful competitive team.

AquaWolf Swim Club is swimmer focused and attentive to align each swimmer with the correct coach/instructor. They have knowledgeable and super conscientious instructors. 

I am very pleased to be writing a testimonial for AquaWolf Swim Club. My son joined the club more than 3 years ago and first took regular beginner classes and later moved on to competitive swimming classes.

The coaches are diligent, tireless and experienced professionals. They care about their swimmers and know every single one of them well. They are also very approachable for parents to discuss strengths and weaknesses, new strategies of particular athletes.

My son thoroughly enjoys his time at AquaWolf Swim Club.

Samantha Adams

I can highly recommend Aquawolf swimming school. My daughter joined this dynamic team in February 2019. She came with the ability to swim various techniques.  She has gone from strength to strength by improving on her techniques and also improving on her times.

She started on Level 1 and within 7months moved to Level 2.  Her best technique is breaststroke. The class size is good fit for the lessons and the coach is able to identify and correct any strokes in the pool. The style of training is really good. The coach is very encouraging and always has something else to help you improve your ability.

 My daughter wants to strive to achieve her goal one day by swimming for South Africa in the Olympics, like her Hero Chad Le Clos

Ana Casanueva

Our family have been part of the Aquawolf team since 2015 and it has been a pleasure being part of this “swimming family”.

Our daughters started with the Learn to Swim programme and have each moved up “the ranks” with one of them being in the Alpha Group, while the other one is in the Blue Group, and both of them competing as Level 2 swimmers. Apart from being great physical exercise, swimming has been great for their mental development, including team building, discipline and fun!

Joining Aquawolf has been wonderful for the whole family and we are proud of being part of the Aquawolf “Pack”!

Andre September

My son has been swimming at Aquawolf since he was five years old. 

Seven years later, he is still going. Aquawolf has been accommodating with him as he went through his “phases” as a child..  from very competitive, to less competitive to competitive again.

Despite changes in the management and coaches at the club over the years, it has always maintained its culture of, caring and family.

The sport has done wonders for his confidence, fitness and physique, and his mood is always better after his training sessions.. swimming is his best medicine for a bad day.

Iris Wink

Fantastic club with very caring owners and coaches. Throughout the difficult Corona time of the last months, they have never given up on our swimmers and went the extra mile to encourage everyone. My kids feel very well cared for. Thank you, Pat and team