About AquaPups

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At AquaPups, each swimmer must master certain skills before progressing to the next level regardless of the child’s age. Therefore we offer a program for swimmers built around skill-oriented goals.

Level 1 – Pups 1:

Brand new to swimming and very little to no prior experience. From age 3½ as per Planet Fitness rules.
In this class, children learn to hold their breath and put their faces in the water. They also develop a bond with and trust for their instructor, as they build the courage to jump from the stairs to their instructor.

Level 2 – Pups 2:

Progressing from Level 1, children in this level are already proficient in holding their breath and putting their faces in the water. Now, they begin to learn how to float and perform basic strokes with the help of their instructor. In this stage, they grasp rhythmic breathing and explore the freestyle stroke.

Level 3 – Pups 3:

Advancing to Level 3, children are able to float unassisted for up to five seconds, retrieve toys in four feet of water, and perform assisted back floats. Level 3 classes teach them how to float on their back without assistance, move independently from the front floating position to a back float position, and kick in streamline for 3m to 4m. Additionally, children further develop their freestyle stroke by beginning to learn how to side breath with assistance from the instructor.

Level 4 – Pups 4:

Already able to float on their backs, transition from front floats to back floats, and perform assisted side breathing, Level 4 classes progress children’s strength and technique. Here, children begin to kick in streamline on their front and back. They develop their backstroke and learn to swim freestyle with unassisted side breathing. Additionally, they start developing diving skills by performing sit dives.

Level 5 – Pups 5:

Entering the Level 5 classes are moving through the water unassisted with skill. Now they begin to learn new techniques, including the breaststroke and butterfly kick. They also graduate from sit-dives to knee-dives.

Level 6 – Pups 6:

The final stage before AquaWolf squad levels, children finalize the development of their core swimming skills. In the Level 6 class, they become proficient at all four competitive strokes – freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly. Additionally, they learn to become comfortable with deck-dives.