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About Us

fun and passion

Aquawolf and Aquapups are driven by passion. Teaching kids to swim is just as important as teaching them to walk. It’s a life skill and and a survival skill.

 Drowning is a leading cause of death for children. Water is a magnet for children,
An alarming number of children don’t know how to swim or have weak swimming ability.
That is why our children have the right to appropriate and relevant swimming and water safety skills. What starts out as a safety measure can, also lead to lifetime of fitness. Swimming is also highly recommended by occupational therapists for developing gross motor skills and co-ordination. The mental benefits of swimming for children: Enhances mental development, develops confidence, boosts social skills, support a stress-free lifestyle and overall swimming, while fantastic for physical health and wellbeing, has invaluable mental health benefits. As children grow and develop, the positive mental effects of swimming begin to align, if not exceed the physical benefits of swimming.

Come and try it … at the Aquawolf Aquatic Club situated at Planet Fitness Plattekloof. Every child is valued and with our Swim South Africa accredited Learn-to-Swim and Level 1 coaches, teams Aquawolf and Aquapups are fully committed to providing an opportunity to the children of our community to pursue excellence through the sport of swimming, to reveal a healthy character and to experience that a disciplined mind leads to happiness.