3 Easy steps to make a great swimming comeback

How far are you from where you were 6 months ago? Can you ever make up the time lost? Here are 3 easy steps to make a great swimming comeback.

How far am I from where I was 6 months ago? Can and will I ever make up the lost time? You might feel you lost control of your destiny. This covid-19 break was unavoidable and not enjoyable. The psychological effect of it was the worst.

The difficulty is getting back in the water. The process can be frustrating at times, but here are 3 easy steps to make a great swimming comeback and for you to get the ‘feel’ of the water quickly.


1. Examine your expectations. Be reasonable with what you can and want to accomplish on day one. You have been given a clean slate. Use this fresh start as an opportunity to create good habits. Get used to being back in the water and get the love back for swimming. You can’t expect to be as fast as you used to be. Over those first few weeks focus on completing your workouts with good technique, and then begin to increase the intensity.

No matter what stroke you specialize in, freestyle is the stroke we swim the most in workouts. It is all-important that after this long break, you spend a great deal of energy on getting your freestyle back in shape. It’s also easy to lose the feel for the water and become unbalanced. Make sure your head is in the right position by keeping your eyes cemented to the bottom of the pool. Needless to say, it will bring your hips and feet closer to the surface of the water, generating less drag and allowing you to swim faster, with less effort.

This little exercise will help you to get the ‘feel’ for the water back and that will bump-up your confidence.

2. If you want to succeed, you need to set goals. Without goals you lack focus and direction

‘In swimming, goal setting has typically been used to give a swimmer a focus or a target to work towards’. Setting goals doesn’t mean the swimmer will achieve them. Neither does telling other people about them and writing the goals down on paper doesn’t really help either.


Set S.M.A.R.T goals.

  • Specific: Your goal must be clear and well defined
  • Measurable: Find a way to measure your success
  • Achievable: Make sure that it’s possible to achieve the goals you set
  • Relevant: Don’t set scattered and illogical goals
  • Time-Bound: Your goals must have a time limit.

Goal setting is an ongoing activity. Clearly define exactly what you want and understand why you want it. That’s where Moment Goals come in. A Moment Goal is a goal that a swimmer sets right NOW. It is an instantly achievable goal – A goal to be concluded in the current training session.

It all comes down to one word: “THIS”.

By concentrating on this kick, this lap, this stroke, this finish, this turn, swimmers learn to focus on the things that matter right now. Swimming becomes all about this moment – and in this moment “I choose to be the best I can be”. – Wayne Goldsmith

3. Mindset -What you believe affects what you achieve.


Developing a growth mindset, just focus every day on getting 1% better in whatever it is you’re trying to improve. Just 1%. Imagine the great feeling of achievement 6 months from now.


The past is the past. You cannot change it. Let those covid-19 memories go. Hold onto your favorite swimming moments from the past, and let them fuel your enthusiasm in your return to swimming. You do have the power today, right now, to work on a growth mindset. Getting back to swimming after the break, will take courage and a lot of hard work and dedication.

Once you’ve set your goals, you already know what you need to do. Get to work and find small ways to improve day by day. Maintain your improvements to secure your gains. Be bold, be willing and change your mindset and improve how you respond to every situation in life and work.

Takeaway – You are created in a very special way. We are different from one another, we do things differently, we look different from our friends and we also think in different ways.

Just be yourself and do not try and be like somebody else. Respect your body. Be positive and feel good about yourself. Be careful of what you eat and avoid substances that will harm your body. And remember: SLEEP as much as you can and always show GRATITUDE.

Always remember that you operate on your own schedule, not anyone else’s. If you want to make a change that will make you feel greater at this very instant, just do it.


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