Gala: Valley Classic – Sat 15th Dec

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Gala: Valley Classic – Sat 15th Dec

Gala: Valley Classic – Sat 15th Dec


Conditions of Entry:
• Swimmers must be registered with SSA and CTMA before 4th of December 2018.
• Out of Country Athletes will DOUBLE the Meet Surcharge.
• Closing Date for Entries: 1st December 2018
• On Submitting the entries, the Team Coach & Team Manager names needs to be submitted with the entries.
• No unregistered swimmers will be allowed to participate in the meet


Session 1 09h00
200m Freestyle
50m Backstroke
400m Freestyle
100m Butterfly
50m Breaststroke
Medal Presentation – for 1st Session

Session 2 14h00
100m Breaststroke
100m Backstroke
200m IM
50m Butterfly
50m Freestyle
Medal Presentation – for 2nd Session

General Rules:
• Gala will be swum in accordance with FINA, SSA Rules,
• The one start rule will be applied,
• The Competition will be run in 10 lane format,
• All events will be Timed Finals,
• LEVEL 1 – Athletes may only swim the 50m & 100m Events,
• Objections must be submitted in writing up to 30 minutes after that specific event.
• An R300.00 fee to be paid with submission of objections
• Referee and tournament committee decision will be final.
• Valley Classic meet results will be captured and recorded on the CTMA data base and SSA data base.
• Swimmers age is determined by their age on the first day of the meet,
• Referee has the right to consolidate heats as deemed fit,
• Referee has the right to change event sequence if conditions demand,
• Scratchings from the gala will be accepted up to 30 minutes before the start of each session,
• Late Entries will be accepted up to 10th of December,
• On condition Lanes are available,
• Cost for surcharge for individual late entry will be R100.00,

Gala Entries:
• Gala entries to be e-mailed to
• Gala entries will not be accepted from parents or individuals
• Proof of payment must be submitted with gala entries
• Copy of proof of payment to be e-mailed to
• Payment reference must indicate:
• Club Name
• Clubs Official duty form to be submitted with gala entries
• Gala entries will not be captured if any of the above is not submitted with entries
• General enquiries to

• All technical officials to be correctly attired:
• White top and navy-blue longs, shorts or skirts and predominantly white closed shoes.
• It is the responsibility of the CLUB to ensure that their required number of officials submitted report for duty
• CLUBS are accountable to find a replacement if a given official does not report for duty
• CLUBS will be fined if the required number of officials does not do duty on that day
• Official duty roster must be submitted with gala entries, if not, then gala entries will not be captured
• Officials are classified as Judges or Time keepers;

1–2 swimmers: 1 official – 1 x timekeeper
3–6 swimmers: 2 officials – 2 x timekeepers
6-10 swimmers: 3 officials – 2 x timekeepers & 1 x Judge
11–20 swimmers: 4 officials – 3 x timekeepers & 2 x Judges
21 + swimmers: 5 officials – 4 x timekeepers & 2 x Judges

We hope to see you all at a fun filled day in the sun.

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