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Swimming Lessons for children


The BEST learn to swim, water safety, stroke correction & competitive swim lessons coached by our SSA accredited Instructors-Free trial lessons. 

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Everybody should learn how to swim

Swimming lessons for children - It's 1 of the greatest gifts you can give your child.

Children who start with swimming lessons from an early age, demonstrated more advanced cognitive and physical abilities than other children. Swimming is a sport that provides a multitude of mental and physical benefits. At Aquawolf swim club, the child comes first.  

Aquawolf swim club is situated at Planet Fitness, Plattekloof. We are the only swim school in the area where children are taught a skill for life in a 25m heated pool.
A good and well structured learn to swim program should follow developing teaching and learning systems.
Children should not be hurried to progress or advanced up into a higher level until basic individual skills  mastered. 

Competitive swimming. The sport offers our children a lot. It serves as a proving ground for setting goals, learning resilience, self confidence, work ethic, etc.

Competitive swimmers are brilliant time managers when it comes to breaking down splits and stroke counts. All that lap counting in the water, adding of times, and continuous focus, will developed traits that will serve them well in their future.

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Online Bookings for Aquawolf swim club for the week of 19 – 23 October 2020. Rules changed and 4 swimmers per lane now allowed. Please read session headings information.

Online Bookings for Aquapups swimmers for Monday, Wednesday & Friday for the week of 19 – 23 October 2020. Dear parents, if you need any assistance, please contact us. 

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Inspired by all the benefits of swimming? our great swimming coaches base their values on hard work, discipline and relentless, uncompromising commitment to training our children. Become part of our swimming family.

What does our parents say?

Clayton Hendricks

Finding a swimming club for our kids was not an easy task. We were looking for the following attributes:

Ana Casanueva

Our family have been part of the Aquawolf team since 2015 and it has been a pleasure being part of this “swimming family”. Our daughters started with the Learn to Swim program…..

Aletia Thomas

I am very pleased to be writing a testimonial for AquaWolf Swim Club. My son joined the club more than 3 years ago and first took regular beginner classes and later moved on to competitive swimming classes…..

A little about us

Our mission

Our dream..Every child, ideally commencing at a young age
and regardless of ability and background, should
have access to training in water safety. 

Every child is UNIQUE!

At Aquawolf & Aquapups we strive to reveal a healthy character for children through swimming.

Our story

Aquawolf Swim Club was started in August 2013. Karin & Pat took over the club in September 2017. Soon after, we experienced one of the worst droughts in the Western Cape. To keep the club going, we had to monthly pump 25000 litres of water into our pool for almost 6 months. It was trying times for such a small club to stay afloat. Then load-shedding started in 2019. Pumps packing up and a very green pool…then covid-19 hit us.

We were forced to temporarily close on 17 March 2020. Thankfully we re-opened on 1 October 2020 and although we have lost quite a number of young learn to swim students, the club is once again up and running. We are driven by passion, passion creates energy and nothing stops energy.

“Mastering any skill, builds confidence. As parent’s it’s our job to encourage and support our children as they tackle difficult tasks. Swimming lessons provides the added bonus of being in control of an environment which can potentially be unsafe. Once grasped, this makes every child feel as though they can achieve anything”