Welcome to Aquawolf Swim Club. We take pride in offering you swimming lessons

Our SSA accredited swim school teaches water safety, learn to swim, stroke correction and competitive swimming lessons to children and adults in a heated indoor 25-metre pool.

Together we create a loving community of dedicated learning that focuses on the whole child, body, mind, and spirit. Excellence through swimming.

Why is swimming lessons important?

Swimming is an important life skill that serves so many other aspects of both childhood and adult growth. It’s the only sport that can save your child’s life.

The benefits of swimming in early childhood are endless.

Swimming builds good character traits that will help and develop your child to grow up happy and successful.

Swimming is a full-body workout and will transform your physique building self-esteem. READ MORE

What is the best age to start swimming lessons?

Experts are divided on the best age. The answer depends on your definition of swimming lessons, your child’s age and natural ability.

When making your decision to start learn to swim lessons, consider your child’s emotional & physical developmental abilities and comfort level in the water.

Swimming lessons at any age can’t “drown proof” a child. There is no substitute for adult supervision and safety in the water. READ MORE

The 7 best water safety devices for kids

I’m very skeptical when it comes to inflatable flotation devices such as water wings, swim rings etc.

A child could potentially slip out of them and they are made out of material that can easily get punctured.

Swimming aids do not make your child drown-proof. Here are the 7 best water safety devices for children that are also NRCS approved.


Aquawolf swim club is situated in Plattekloof near Cape Town. The only swim school near you where learn to swim lessons are offered in a heated 25m indoor swimming pool.

You will notice the difference as soon as you walk into our facility. An amazing environment for our learn to swim, competitive and adult swimming programs. We offer the following:

Learn to swim classes – We have a trusted 6 stage program to ensure our children progress to become safe and strong swimmers. One on one classes and small groups to ensure attention to detail. Progression is key in becoming better swimmers and strong charactered individuals. READ MORE


Competitive swimming – Swimming teaches our children so many life lessons on a daily basis. They learn time management, perseverance, discipline, goal setting, plus develop character and grit. We believe in small squads. No more than 5 per lane.  And we strive never to take the fun out of swimming.


Adult swimming lessons – It’s never too late to learn to swim. And for those looking for a good abs workout, nothing better than a low-impact sport like swimming. We have structured programs to suit everyone’s needs including tri-athletes. Burn those calories and get rid of anxiety and depression. 


Looking for a swimming school in Cape Town? What can Aquawolf Swim Club offer you that other's can't?

Our family-owned swim school are not motivated by money. We are driven by passion. As a provider of early childhood and educational services, we as the owners and coaches of Aquawolf swim school with a tradition of pride will strive to meet your family’s needs.

We will assist your child in developing their feelings of capability by giving them opportunities to accomplish specific skills. Children need to trust their own capabilities. Swimming, in particular, provides that bonus of learning to be in control of an environment which can potentially be unsafe. Once accomplished, it will make them feel as though they can achieve anything!

Each little swimmer must master specific skills before progressing on to the next level, regardless of the child’s age. Your child’s progress is vital to our coaches. Nothing satisfies us more to see these wonderful athletes develop into strong charactered individuals.

Learning all the technical skills and progressing towards their goals, will get them well deserved praise. Praise also boosts confidence. Working hard at something they enjoy will build their self-esteem, and they will feel capable and accepted for who they are. 

Learn more about the benefits of swimming-follow our blog articles filled with motivation and inspiration.

What does our parents say?

Samantha Adams

I can highly recommend Aquawolf swimming school. 

Iris Wink

Fantastic club with very caring owners and coaches. 

Aletia Thomas

I My son joined the club more than 3 years ago